Phone consultations and Skype Sessions

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Lisa Shchyhel

Occupational Therapist / Padovan Therapist

How Can I Help You

Teletherapy- an effective treatment guided by an Occupational Therapist.

Teletherapy allows you to follow-up phone and skype consultations. Phone consultations allow the Occupational Therapist and parents to discuss main concerns, recent episodes, new challenges, assessment scores and progress with ease. Skype sessions are planned and prepared individually, according to what your child needs.

Phone and skype sessions may be appropriate for:

  • Consultations with parents to discuss further intervention, new challenges or concerns, recommendations, results of assessment or/and progress.
  • Fine motor, handwriting, visual perception, body awareness and coordination activities with the assistance of an adult.
  • Consultation for executive functioning activities including planning, memory, attention, organization, time management.