How To Get Kids Picky Eaters To Eat Food

In this video, I am sharing some suggestions to work on feeding and oral motor skills. ¨Don’t wait for food to work on food¨. In occupational therapy, we do target different areas, motor, cognitive, social, visual, activities of daily life and feeding is one of them. Feeding is the key for us to survive.

This process is not easy for parents whose child is a picky eater or has sensory difficulties. Through this video, I will be suggesting to you the best way to approach the child with feeding issues, or at least the way how I achieve results and work. Before starting working on food, I use massages, spiky toys, different sensory tools that will help to work on the sensory areas of your child.

Usually, we will have two reasons why the child has difficulties with feeding:

1-Behaviour: when the child is refusing to eat, due to attention, or behavior difficulties.

2-Sensory: when due to sensory difficulties, the child is overwhelmed by sensory input so feeding is becoming an issue. I am attaching here some of the products that I highly recommend or use during my practice.

What are the products to work for children who don’t eat?

Products of Interest:

Chewy tubes:

Kinetic sand:

Facial Massager:

Z-vibe for oral motor skills:

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