Daycare, Pre-School, School or Home Visits

Occupational therapy sessions in your child’s natural environment. As an Occupational therapist, I am able to come to you to complete assessments and follow-up sessions. Depending on where the concern is, you may choose to have a session in a variety of environments including home, school or/and daycare. Please note that this session might requires the consent of the school/daycare and parents in order to complete a school assessment. 

A school, daycare or community assessment or follow-up session may be appropriate if:

  1. Your main concern occurs mostly at school, daycare, or another area in the community.
  2. You and the school, daycare, or community location would like to better support your child and improve their success.
  3. Life is really busy and you often aren’t at home during OT hours. You have received the approval of the school or daycare and you would prefer having sessions completed there.