5 Signs to Recognize a Picky Eater

Does your child like to eat a particular food? Does your child only choose a particular texture of food? Does your child only eat soft food? or still, prefer milk to water or juices? Are you a mum or dad cooking new food every time and nothing works?

In this video I am talking about how to recognize a picky eater!

1st Sign: Check the facial expressions, the behavior of your child Before sitting (if the child accepts to sit at the table), behavior in front of the plate, food, or while others eat. The most important sign is to recognize what is the behavior of your child towards the food, does he complain? does she refuse to eat many meals? does she or he will play with the food, but won’t taste it? If this is a yes, you want to stop at this level and analyze exactly what is happening, and contact your speech therapist/occupational therapist for help!

2nd Sign: Check the “relation between the child and the food”. See if the child gags, or sometimes even vomits while eating. Sometimes the child will only accept his or her favorite food and on some occasions, parents/therapists will try to trick the child by putting a new ingredient in the food (thinking that the child won’t notice). In this case, you must see if the child while trying something new gags or reacts badly to it.

3rd Sign: Observe if the child takes too long to eat the meal, or accumulates a lot of food in the mouth. At this level, you must be sure that when your child is eating, is eating typically. If anything of this is familiar to you, please stop at this level and analyze exactly what is happening, and contact your speech therapist/occupational therapist for help!

4th Sign: Observe how your child is eating. Does he prefers to eat with hands or cutlery… and how does he or she eat, does your child swallow the food in big chunks, or eat super fast? The typical process is to ingest the food to one side, then pass the food on the middle and the other side of the mouth. Once the food is chewed enough we swallow the food and repeat. If this process is not what you can observe, you might want to check with an occupational therapist or speech therapist.

5th Sign: Does your child not only has difficulties with the food but with he with hands, brushing teeth, combing hair, showering, toileting. On most occasions, children who are sensitive with the food, or liquids, will be sensitive to particular touches, particular textures. If you experience difficulties in some of the mentioned activities of daily life, kindly contact an occupational therapist.

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