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How I Can Help
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Some of themes I love supporting parents and children with:
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Children with feeding and oral motor difficulties
Early Intervention
Attention difficulties
Learning difficulties
Global developmental delay
Cerebral Palsy
Down Syndrome
Neurological conditions
What Teletherapy Can Do For You
Does your child is having a good pencil grip or performing correctly?

Sensory Difficulties? Difficult time to adapt the new routine?
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Teletherapy is an effective treatment guided by an Occupational Therapist.

Online Consultation will allow you to follow up your child’s development being in his or her confortable environment.

This Free Consultation can help you to discuss main concerns, recent episodes, new challenges and progress with ease.

Online Consultations may be appropriate for:

Parents to discuss further intervention, new challenges or concerns, recommendations, results of assessment or/and progress.
Fine motor, handwriting, visual perception, body awareness and coordination activities with the assistance of an adult.
Consultation for executive functioning activities including planning, memory, attention, organisation, time management.

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