Padovan therapy

Padovan Method of Neurofunctional Reorganization is a therapeutic approach that recalls neurodevelopmental stages in order to enable maturation or restore the nervous system.

It is in fact, a natural, holistic, hands-on therapy, based on the neurophysiological development of the human being.

Following the organization of the nervous system all functions are stimulated:

  • motor

  • sensory

  • cognitive

  • communication

  • psychic

  • autonomous nervous system

Understanding the functions of the nervous system we can understand that the method helps to restore or rehabilitate the lost functions and/or achieve our full potential.

The main principles of the Padovan Method

  • The developmental process of walking, talking and thinking

  • the neurological organization of the nervous system

  • observation of the human being in its natural evolution

  • neuroplasticity

  • oral functions
Padovan method stimulate the central nervous system throught exercises, a sequence of exercises which reassembling the neurophysiological development phases of walking, talking and thinking. 


Who can benefit from such a Therapy?

This method can be applied to babies, children, adults and elderlies adapting the sequence of exercise to their abilities and needs. 

People with :

  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • CVA (Cardio Vascular Accident)
  • MS (Multiple sclerosis) 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • parkinson´s desease
  • dysphagia
  • autism
  • cerebral palsy
  • dyspraxia
  • dyslexia
  • aphasia
  • bruxism
  • TMJD (Temporal-mandibular joint dysfunction)
  • malocclusion
  • sensory procesing difficutlies
  • and people who want to improve their posture, body awareness, cognitive function…. 

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    1. Hello, thank you for contacting me. In order to be able to understand better the reason why he is drooling or having difficulties in cognitive and executive areas, i will need or to see him or to know more details. The saliva drooling situation: try in involve him with more “chewy” food, use chewy tubes if you need, use massages in his cheeks inside and outside. Massage his face and stimulate his oral motor abilities. I have some videos in YouTube that might help you check: lisa shchyhel channel for more info.

      For reading and learning, you must to seek an Occupational Therapist in order to address this difficulties and guide you better. I could do so but I am not sure you are in Malta. Although I also offer Teletherapy services.

      Thank you in a advance for writing and contacting, and good luck!

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