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More Tips!

Recommendation for a Successful Blowing Exercise : 

  • Make it fun 
  • Enjoy with your child
  • Use easy whistles so your child feels comfortable and then introduce a difficult one like whistles with balloons. 
  • Try to record a video for better analysis (you can then share it with me if you have doubts).

Pom Pom & Straw Activity 

The aim of this activity is for children to use the straw and blow a pompom along the tape from one end to the other. Another fun way to improve blowing skills. This activity needs only :

  • Pom poms (or similar round material)
  • Tape 
  • Straw

On a large board create various tracks using the masking tape. Ask your child to blow the pom pom through the path that you create with tape using the straw and his blowing skills!!!

You can also stick the tape on a wooden floor (be confident the tape will not cause any damage). If you have different coloured tape then you can create different paths and make it more fun.  To suit the age of your child, use less corners and longer stretches of track and graduate the activity accordingly to your child’s needs.