Occupational & Padovan Therapist

Lisa Shchyhel

Patience and persistance are the providers of progress


+6 Years Of Experience As A Therapist.

Occupational therapist specialized in paediatrics since 2014. Therapist of reference of Padovan Method. Master degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

My daily life is based on therapy, parents, sessions and solutions  and I am only pleasant to share this with you. 


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What is Theletherapy?

Online Occupational therapy sessions.

Fine and gross motor skills are easily addressed in tele-practice.

Results are celebrated as students and therapists work together to gain strides and enhance each other’s quality of life.

My New Course :
Child Development
0 to 6 month

My daily life is dedicated to children with special needs, different syndromes, conditions, difficulties but also typical development whose parents would like to reinforce the potential of the baby from the early stages of life.

In this course I would like to bring you a clear and simple understanding of what or not expect in the first months of life of your client, baby or newborn family member. Also of how to observe, and how to achieve the full potential of the baby.


Some Feedback...

"Definitely yes, Ms Lisa recommended us that even though our child was approaching to start walking, she wanted her to crawl as there are various benefits a child can benefit in motor and in the long run. In three weeks,two hours weekly our daughter started to crawl and of course took couple of weeks to do it properly and on all force. Apart from this our daughter did a huge improvement in her motor skills and she is now walking quite well. Moreover, Ms Lisa is a very kind hearted woman. A while ago I was feeling perplexed about our daughter's situation and she supported me in a very good way and she did all this while she was on leave, an amazing woman. Well done and keep it up."
R. Vella
"One of the most professional and knowledgeable people I have met - hard working and dedicated she achieves great results by being firm, persistent and devout to her little patients . She is a blessing for anyone who is lucky enough to benefit from her professional intervention."
S. Farrugia
A very dedicated person!!!
The best!🤗
A. Badea

My New Book : Sensory Guidance

All about Sensory Diet

In this guidance I would like to start by introducing and explaining what is sensory processing in order to understand better everything about sensory diet, and how you can help your child and/or client during the therapy.


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Guidance for parents, teachers and therapists.

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Sensory Processing

All about Sensory processing and SPD world.

Padovan Therapy

Neurofunctional Re-Oraganization of the Nervous System

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